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How to Configure the APEX Listener against WebLogic

Step 1:
Installation from JDK

Step 2:
Setting up my environment
Set JAVA_HOME=c:\program files\java\jdkxxxx
Set PATH= c:\program files\java\jdkxxxx\bin;%PATH%

Step 3:
Installation from WebLogic
Java –Xmx1024m –jar wlsxxxxx

Step 4:
In my particular case, I have created a separate domain for APEX

Start WLS
Navigate to c:\oracle\middleware\user_projects\domains\apex_domain\bin


Step 6:

Step 7:
I need to configure first, before I can deploy against a web server.
In this example WebLogic

Step 8:
Only an example from my environment

At this point I define my APEX configuation directory.
In this example, my configuration directory is c:\apexconfig

java -jar apex.war configdir C:\apexconfig

Now I start my configuration

java -jar apex.war
PM oracle.dbtools.common.config.file.ConfigurationFolder log ConfigFolder
INFO: Using configuration folder: C:\apexconfig\apex

Enter the name of the database server [localhost]:
Enter the database listen port [1521]:
Enter 1 to specify the database service name, or 2 to specify the database SID [1]:2
Enter the database SID [xe]:orcl11
Enter the database user name [APEX_PUBLIC_USER]:
Enter the database password for APEX_PUBLIC_USER:
Confirm password:

Enter 1 to enter passwords for the RESTful Services database users (APEX_LISTENER,APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER),
2 to use the same password as used for APEX_PUBLIC_USER
or, 3 to skip this step [1]:2
Enter the database password for APEX_LISTENER:
Confirm password:
may 08, 2013 3:44:17 PM oracle.dbtools.common.config.file.ConfigurationFiles update
INFO: Updated configurations: defaults, apex, apex_al, apex_rt

Enter 1 if you wish to start in standalone mode or 2 to exit [1]:2

Step 9:
Creating images


Copied the apex.war to the user_projects\domains\apex_domain directory location

Step 10:
Running in Non-SSL mode
edited defaults.xml file

entry key="security.verifySSL">false

Step 11:
Logging in to WebLogic

Step 11:
Deployment from i and apex.war

Step 12:

Step 13:
restart WLS is necessary to make changes active
Log in to the APEX environment

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