zondag 29 mei 2011

DBA Symposium at the 17th of May

At the 17th of May, I presented at the DBA symposium in the Netherlands.

There were ten technical sessions spread over two parallel tracks.
Different Oracle DBA people shared their experiences with the participants.
They showed how to recognize, prevent and solve problems.

For me, it was the first time to deliver a presentation for only Oracle DBA people.
Normally, I present for Oracle Developers and therefore an extra challenge for me!

I presented about Application Express.
Application Express is very popular in the Netherlands.
An Oracle DBA needs to know were to take care of when dealing with application express.

In autumn of this year, a next DBA symposium will be organized.
I hope to meet you there.

Information about planboard symposium can be found here:
DBA Symposium.

zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Bulgarian User Group Conference in Sandanski

Presented at the Bulgarian Oracle User Group in Sandanski.
Sandanski is the warmest and sunniest town in Bulgaria.

Around three hundred people attended the conference.
There were three parallel sessions available.
For me, a nice opportunity to broadening my knowledge in database area. I also very interested in DBA related stuff!
So next week, I am going to install Application Express in a RAC instance.

One of the sessions, I attended was the session from Daniel Morgan.
To increase your Pl/sql knowledge it is worth it to check the following website. Morgans Library.

Today, I attended sessions from Chris Date. Everybody of you has to recognize this name. Chris Date.

It was a very valuable conference and I did learn a lot.

I need to mention that the whole conference is very well organized, and that I will come back to Bulgaria!

Thanks a lot for the very warm welcome!